Mother’s Day Gift Guide


Mother’s Day is next weekend and if you’re like me, you can think of a million things you’d like to get, but it’s sometimes tough to figure out what to give the women in your life.  It’s usually  a safe bet that if you like it, so will your mom, sister, friend, etc.  So, I’m sharing a few of my favorite things in the hopes that it will give you some ideas for yourself or someone you love. Enjoy!

There’s nothing better than a house that smells lovely and a good candle is the secret! The Bridgewater Candles in “Sweet Grace” smell absolutely divine and have a lasting scent that you can detect long after it’s blown out. To top it off, they come in a wide array of beautiful containers that you won’t mind setting on your counter.

sweet grace candle

Oddly similar in scent is the “Glamorous Wash” by Tyler Candle Company, which leaves your clothes smelling absolutely heavenly. I add a capful to my washer with my sheets and towels and a small container lasts for 6 months! A friend of mine gave this to me as  gift a few years ago and now it’s always on my wish list.

glamour wash

Clearly I like things that smell nice, myself included, and my new favorite scent is MAC’s Creme de Nude perfume. In two words it is clean and lovely and you seriously can’t go wrong with it.

creme de nude

The perfect bra is more than just an urban legend. Made by Natori, the Pure Lux T-shirt bra will be your new best friend. They’re a little pricey for a bra, but once you put it on, you’ll understand why. Trust me.


Reese Witherspoon’s new book “Whiskey in a Teacup: What Growing Up in the South Taught Me About Life, Love, and Baking Biscuits” is the perfect addition to any southern woman’s coffee table. I’ve loved reading all about her childhood, her heritage, and most of all, her sacred family recipes!

whiskey in a teacup book

This Dyson Animal Cordless Vacuum cleaner lives up to its name and was honestly a game-changer for me. No more bending down with a dustbuster or dragging a cord around the house for quick pickups. Do yourself, or someone you love, a favor and buy this today!


Fine lines and bad hair are a thing of the past with a good silk pillowcase. You’ll sleep in luxury and feel like a million bucks with this hypoallergenic, 100% silk, 600 thread count case for your pillow and it won’t break the bank either.  I love mine so much that I travel with it!

silk pillowcase

Everyone loves a roadie, so why not do it in style with this marble stainless steel wine tumbler from Oggi? It comes with a seal-tight lid that keeps spills from happening and a super cute design to boot!  She may need more than one at this price 😉

marble wine

And what woman doesn’t love something indulgent to eat and drink? Spoil her (or yourself) with my new favorite Pinot Noir Rose by Longford Estates and Sea Salt Butterscotch Caramels from Trader Joe’s. If you aren’t lucky enough to have a TJ’s nearby, click this link for the chocolates and you can get them online.

Cheers to a fabulous Mother’s Day celebrating that special lady in your life!


My Christmas Wish List

As a Mom, it’s hard to find time to think about what we want or need. We’re so busy shopping for everyone around us that by the time it comes to our own wish list, it’s easy to come up empty.  So, in an effort to spark your imagination, I’m sharing my personal wish list for Christmas this year.  You’ll find splurges, steals, and everything in between, but hopefully, you’ll also find some ideas to pass on to your own friends and family or maybe even just go ahead and buy for yourself…..Lord knows you deserve it!

my christmas wish list with numbers

  1. A good book is always high on my list of wants. I may not always have time to read daily, but I make it a priority to read regularly.  This book has gotten great reviews and was awarded the title of “Best Suspense Novel”, so it’s sure to keep you engaged.
  2. When Rebecca Minkoff came out with this chic little phone charger tassel, I was intrigued, but then disappointed to find out they were only for Iphones and over $50.  Fortunately, they are now made by a number of brands at a much lower price and for Androids too!  I love the idea of a stylish way to stay connected and this fits the bill.
  3. These faux leather leggings from Spanx have been on every blogger’s page recently, which tells me they must be pretty fabulous. But with the promise of supreme comfort, ultra-flattering fit, and stylish “leather” material that can be dressed up or down, they are definitely on my list of “must-try’s” this year!
  4. OTK or “over the knee” boots are all the rage this season and I’ve been lusting over grey ones for a while now.  These have gotten great user reviews and are an awesome price right now, making them ultra affordable!
  5. This bone link necklace has gone in and out of stock over the last couple of months due to its extreme popularity, but is currently back in stock and a great price for a statement piece! With such a neutral color, it can go with anything and would look great paired against a chunky sweater, basic tee, or simple dress.  I’m already dreaming of all the ways I want to style it, so Santa, you’d better come through 😉
  6. Nothing says cozy like chenille so when you find lounge pants made out of them, you buy them!  These babies are half off right now, too!
  7. I wear ear buds to work out and to listen to my books when I’m cooking, walking the dog, or doing laundry. But, truth be told, mine could use an upgrade and these rose gold ones are just the ticket!  These would make a great stocking stuffer or a teen/tween gift too.
  8. I LIVE in my Patagonia Retool fleece pullovers, so I’m always in the market for another one.  This year they came out with a “Rosewater” color that is sheer perfection and therefore at the top of my list.  Once you try this thing on, you’ll be a believer….trust me.
  9. My husband sorta hates the perfume I’ve been wearing for the last seventeen years, so I’ve been sampling alternatives and am actually thinking I might like this one (Creme D’Nude) even more than my tried and true.  It is one of the fragrances inspired by MAC makeup’s lipstick shades, which I also love, and is just the right mix of musky and fresh.
  10. Everyone I know who has this new brand of shoes RAVES about them, so I’ve definitely had them on my list to try.  But when I saw that they had a leopard flat that looks like a million buck and feels like a tennis shoe, they shot up to the top of my list. If these truly are the holy grail of flats, offering maximum comfort without compromising style, then I’ll happily shell out full price for these any day.

So there you have it…..this year’s personal wish list. Now let’s just hope Santa sees it and is able to take advantage of some of the CYBER sales that are still going on over the next couple of days.  Happy hunting!